Open data are accessible, machine-readable data, available in open formats. Open data are publicly owned or accessible under conditions which do not prevent further reuse of data. Open data are freely available on the Internet, in a form suited for computer processing, enabling easy access by means of computer programs.

Public institutions gather and produce great quantity of different data, which are made available to a wider circle of users in form of open data (without compromising the principle of confidentiality or privacy). By doing so, institutions exhibit a higher level of transparency in their activities, simultaneously providing to citizens and businesses an opportunity to create new value from the accessed data – whether it is creation of a new application, business model, visualisation, map, research project etc.

The National Open Data Portal ( is a hub where all open data from the institutions of the Republic of Serbia are gathered. The Portal is part of the initiative of the staff of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet and Office for IT and e-Government, UNDP and other partners in the project.

All measurement results of the system for continuous monitoring of electromagnetic field – EMF RATEL are available on the National Open Data Portal in form of open data, in machine-readable formats: CSV, XML and JSON, at:

Results on the above page include measured values of electromagnetic field levels in all locations with installed sensors.